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MUS111: Music Appreciation: Sources for Instruments

The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians

Sample MLA citation for an article from The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians:

Shakleton, Nicholas. "Bass Clarinet." The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, edited by Stanley Sadie, 2nd ed., vol. 2, Grove's Dictionaries, 2001.

You will only have to change the author's name (the author of the article), article title, and volume number.

Requesting Books from Other Libraries (MOBIUS)


You can request books from dozens of other libraries--including the University of Missouri, Washington University, Webster University, and Lindenwood University--using the MOBIUS library catalog ( 

When you request a book through MOBIUS, you will need information such as SCC's library cluster (ARCHWAY) and your student ID number (from your ID card).

Books are usually delivered to the SCC Library within a week. You will be notified by email when the book arrives so you can check it out.

Oxford Music Online

In Oxford Music Online you will retrieve articles from different sources. To find an article that appears in the print edition of The Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, look for the source Grove Music Online.

oxford music online


Sample MLA citation for an article from Oxford Music Online:

Ripin, Edwin R., et al. “Harpsichord.” Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online,

You will only have to change the author's name (of the article), article name, and URL.

Books & eBooks

Go to the library home page ( to search for books and eBooks at the SCC Library.

Search tips:

  • add "history" to the instrument name (e.g., banjo history)
  • search by type of instrument (e.g., string instruments)
  • search "musical instruments" in general (look in the index of the book for your instrument)
  • after you search, "refine by" Book and/or eBook to remove audio recordings and musical scores from the list of results

library catalog


MLA citation for a book:

Author Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publisher, Date of publication.

Sample MLA citation:

Carlin, Bob. Banjo: An Illustrated History. Backbeat Books, 2016.

Books on Selected Instruments

Clink the links below to find books on selected musical instruments in the SCC library catalog. If your instrument does not appear in this list, search for it in the box on the library home page ( If you don't find enough information on your instrument at the SCC Library, search the MOBIUS library catalog (

Online Articles

Library databases contain articles from sources such as reference books, academic journals, magazines, and newspapers. The following library databases will provide excellent information on musical instruments: