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Vulnerable Populations During Pregnancy

Ebooks and References


Books usually provide an overview, a thorough investigation, and/or discussions of related issues of a topic. SCC Library Search box is  a good place to begin your research. When searching for books, use broader terms. If you are not getting good results, try to use similar or related terms. Books take longer to publish. You may have difficulty finding books specifically on your topic that's published within the last five years. Rest assured, you are going to find plenty of sources from journals and reliable websites.
Here are a few books and reference sources from the library collection.

Nature and the environment in Amish life

Religion and culture in Native America

Middle East & North Africa

Disability in American Life: An Encyclopedia of Concepts, Policies, and Controversies

Correctional Health Care Delivery : Unimpeded Access to Care
LGBTQ Life in America: Examining the Facts

Homelessness in America : A Reference Handbook

Landscapes of Care : Immigration and Health in Rural America

Caring for and Understanding Latinx Patients in Health Care Settings

Delivering quality healthcare for people with disability

Disability as diversity A guidebook for inclusion in medicine, nursing, and the health professions

Reproduction in Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals

Audiology Services in Diverse Communities: A Tool to Help Clinicians Working With Spanish-Speaking Patients and Families