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Vulnerable Populations During Pregnancy

Journals and Databases

Below are suggested databases for your project. You will find scholarly articles from journals as well as popular articles from magazines and newspapers. To get you started, we listed samples of articles from each database. Some topics can be challenging to find newer information. If you are having trouble with your searches, please reach out to a librarian. We are here for you! The following search tips can help you find relevant articles.

  • Think about your topic and the keywords you would like to use, then brainstorm for synonyms and related terms.
  • As you type your keywords, some databases will display suggested terms or phrases. Select the relevant terms and give it a try.
  • You may have many results. Use the Refine Results options on the left to narrow the search.

  • As you look over the search results and articles, pay attention to the subject terms and descriptors. These are specialized vocabulary used to describe your topic. Adding these terms to your search will usually improve your search results.

  • If you find a good article, take a look at the bibliography or footnotes. There's a good chance you'll find more sources on your topic. 

  • Cite your sources as you find and use them. Preformatted citations are available within each article's record. It's quick and easy.