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The librarians are here to assist you with your instruction and research needs.

Guidelines for Effective Assignments

Faculty Inservice Presentation: 

“You cited WHAT?”  The value of incorporating the new information literacy standards into your course

Creating library assignments that challenge the students and advance the objectives of the course can be difficult. Effective library/research based assignments have a well-defined purpose behind them and develop research and critical thinking skills. Your library liaison can help with creating assignments that are meaningful to the students and meet your course objectives. 

 An effective research assignment…

  • has a specific, understood purpose.
  • relates to some aspect of course subject matter or learning objectives.
  • leads to increased understanding of a subject or the process of locating information related to a subject.
  • makes students aware of the variety of information sources and formats.
  • teaches students to select and evaluate quality information sources appropriate to their topics.

 The librarians can meet with you to…

  • make sure the library has the resources needed for students to successfully complete the assignment.
  • make sure you avoid some of the common pitfalls of research assignments.
  • help you include information literacy skills into your assignment.
  • increase our knowledge of the assignment, so we can be more effective when helping students.

Below are resources that discuss information literacy and provide information on incorporating information literacy into your assignments.

Bridging the Information Literacy Communication Gap: Putting PIL Studies to Good Use

For Faculty: How to Use the Framework for Information Literacy 

Keys to Designing Effective Writing and Research Assignments – paper copy available upon request