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Welcome to the SCC Library guide on film research. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact a librarian (info on the right)!

Accessing Online Sources Off-Campus

If you are off-campus, you still access online sources, such as eBooks, articles, and video and audio recordings. When you click on the title of a source, a remote access login screen appears asking you to enter your name and student ID number (from your ID card) plus the letters SC for St. Charles.

remote login screen

Search Tips for Film Research

Try the following tips when searching for a film:

  • Put quotation marks around the film title
    • This tells the search engine to look for the words of the title together in that order (e.g., "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind").
  • Add "film" or "motion picture" to the title
    • This is especially helpful if the title is a common term or has another meaning. For example, a search for "Titanic" could yield results about either the 1997 movie or the actual ship that sank in 1912. Adding "film" or "motion picture" will help limit the results to articles about the movie (e.g., Titanic film).
  • Add the director's name to the title or just search for the director
  • Search by the genre of the film (e.g., science fiction films, western films, horror films, comedy films) 
  • Search by the subject of the film (e.g., mental illness in motion pictures, teenagers in motion pictures, politics in motion pictures)

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