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New Books in the SCC Library: Check 'em Out!

Check out a few of the great titles we've added to the shelves!
Who's raising the kids? : big tech, big business, and the lives of children
The mind of a bee
Doctors and distillers : the remarkable medicinal history of beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails
American afterlives : reinventing death in the twenty-first century
Cults : inside the world's most notorious groups and understanding the people who joined them
The big lie : election chaos, political opportunism, and the state of American politics after 2020
Agent Josephine : American beauty, French hero, British spy
Bi : bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and nonbinary youth
The monster's bones : the discovery of T. Rex and how it shook our world
The flowering : the autobiography of Judy Chicago
Last rites : the evolution of the American funeral
Fine : a comic about gender
How we give now : a philanthropic guide for the rest of us
Under the skin : the hidden toll of racism on American lives and on the health of our nation
The many lives of Andy Warhol
Eaters of the dead : myths and realities of cannibal monsters
The piano : a history in 100 pieces
Period. end of sentence : a new chapter in the fight for menstrual justice