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New Books in the SCC Library: Check 'em Out!

Check out a few of the great titles we've added to the shelves!
Roe : the history of a national obsession
Alien worlds : how insects conquered the Earth, and why their fate will determine our future
The hidden language of symbols
The time nature keeps : a visual guide to the cycles and time spans of the natural world
Woman : the American history of an idea
bell hooks : the last interview and other conversations
On the rocks : straight talk about women and drinking
Outrage machine : how tech amplifies discontent, disrupts democracy--and what we can do about it
Buy Black : how Black women transformed US pop culture
Black in White space : the enduring impact of color in everyday life
Out of touch : how to survive an intimacy famine
See what you're missing : new ways of looking at the world through art
Why we hate : understanding the roots of human conflict
The pornography wars : the past, present, and future of America's obscene obsession
The case for cancel culture : how this democratic tool works to liberate us all
The Black guy dies first : Black horror cinema from fodder to Oscar