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Fake News: evaluating news sources

Learn how to determine if what you are reading is just bad news!

Steps to Verify

  1. Use some of the fact checking sites below.
  2. Search the title of the publication or the author's name to see if there are other articles critical of their reporting. Find out what qualifications the author has and other stories they have written.
  3. Search for specific facts in the article to see if you can verify the information in more traditional sources.
  4. Follow the trail of sources cited in the story. For example, if they say the information came from a study look up the study. If they didn't cite any sources that is a red flag on the quality of the information.
  5. Try to understand the purpose of the author or the site, check out the "About Us" section of the website to see what organization is responsible for the publication.
  6. One of the best ways to verify information is to talk with a librarian. Librarians have always been in the business of evaluating information sources and finding the facts. They can steer you to quality sources on any topic.