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Nursing Exam Preparation

Entrance Exams

The HESI exam is an entrance exam required for SCC's LPN and RN programs. Please note that Physics and Chemistry are also sections of the HESI Exam, but SCC does not test students on these subjects. So you can ignore these materials in the study guides. The resources below will help you to study and prepare for the HESI entrance exam. 
Print books

Ebooks 24/7

EBSCO Learning Express Practice Tests
This database provides practice tests,  tutorial courses, and Ebooks to help students to succeed on passing the entrance exam. To create an account, use a computer on SCC/CHL campus OR use the link from the SCC Library's database page. Select the "LearningExpress Library", click on the Sign In/Register at the top. From the homepage, there are two ways to search for preparation materials.

  • Type Nursing school entrance tests into the search box to see a list of preparation and tests.
  • Or click on Career Preparation category and select Prepare for Nursing Exams, then Prepare for Nursing School Entrance Tests.

Anatomy Resources