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Open Educational Resources

Promoting and supporting open educational resources to improve access and lower costs for course materials.

What we can do for you!

The SCC Librarians and the staff in the Office of Online & E-Learning can help you find and adopt Open Educational Resources. The faculty members of the OER Task Force can offer guidance and advice as well. Please reach out to us for more information or help with getting started. 

Some general things to consider when starting:

  1. Define your need; will you be using selected open resources or replacing a whole textbook? Do you have a format or medium preference? What are some keywords, topics, or learning outcomes you are considering?
  2. If you want to start searching on your own, try many different sites, keywords, and strategies. Keep track of sites you have searched and keywords you have used.
  3. Criteria to consider when evaluating the material you find:
    • Quality - look for peer reviews, the reputation of the author or institution, consider the pedagogy being used
    • Appropriateness - alignment with course objectives, reading level, the accuracy of the content
    • Technical - clear visuals, high production value, clear licensing declaration
  4. Who might you need to consult or inform of your choice of change in materials?
  5. How will students access this resource? Do you want students to have an option to print sections or order a printed/bound copy?

Adapted from a worksheet developed by Kate Hess, Kirkwood Community College

Link to the fillable worksheet

SCC OER Taskforce

The SCC OER Taskforce's mission is to promote and support open educational resources to improve access and lower costs for course materials, eliminating possible barriers to student success and retention. 

Team Members

Theresa Flett: Director of Library - 

Andrea Compton: Dean of Online and E-Learning - 

Dawn Huffman: Professor, Academic English as a Second Language - 

Sophia Koziatek: Assistant Professor, Chemistry - 

Ying Li: Library Public Services Manager -

Corey Porter: Professor, English - 

Monica Swindle: Instructional Designer - 

Daniel Granzow: Asst. Director of Bookstore -

Ranya Taqleddin: Associate Professor, Biology - 

James Bratcher: Student Life Manager -