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Plagiarism 101

Learn the in's and out's of Plagirism

Other Common Problems

Patchwriting and bad paraphrasing are the most frequent issues for students when it comes to plagiarism, but there are a few other behaviors that are pretty common and can be considered academically dishonest.  

1. You reuse your own paper/presentation - while this sounds like it should be okay (it's your paper, right?) it is actually considered plagiarism because you are presenting the paper as new work for another teacher.  Even if the topic fits the assignment, you should be building on previous knowledge as you go through college.  

2. You have proper citations but the whole paper consists of quotes and paraphrasing with no original work from you.  The point of a research assignment is to do the research and present in a way that illustrates you understand the topic and shows your point of view.  

3. Mixing some good citations in with copied passages making it look like some of the material is yours even though it is plagiarized.  This is pretty sneaky and is definitely closer to intentional plagiarism because it shows intent to fool the reader.

Remember proper use of quotes and paraphrasing combined with proper citation helps keep you in the clear!  Next we will look at why citation is so important.