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Copyright Resources: Obtaining Permission

Find information on using copyrighted material in education.

SCC Library Copyright Policy

The SCC Library Copyright Policy is in compliance with St. Charles Community College's Copyright Policy

Reference librarians will assist you in seeking copyright permission. Use this sample letter as a form to provide information to the librarians about the material for which you are requesting copyright permission.

Often we will contact the publisher or author directly but many times we have to go through the Copyright Clearance Center to pay for permission. 

How to Obtain Copyright Permission through the Copyright Clearance Center

Remember that obtaining copyright permission can take time so make sure you contact us early to start the process so the material can be available to your students when you need it!

Sources to use so you don't have to ask permission

Sometimes the easiest and safest thing to do is link to material that you want your students to have access to; you never have to ask permission to use a link. 

You also have the option of using content that is licensed using a Creative Commons license.

Because of the restrictions of copyright, some people are using a new type of license that gives copyright holders options for providing permission up front to the public to use their content in agreed upon ways. There are six types of Creative Commons licenses.  

They also have a handy search interface for finding this type of material.  

Copyright Assistance

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