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Find information on using copyrighted material in education.

General Information

When can you use copyrighted material and when do you need to get permission? 

Copyright issues can be very confusing for educators. There can be exceptions to the copyright law that allow us to use copyrighted material in our courses, those exceptions are spelled out in the copyright law.  But sometimes we can claim "fair use" as a defense for using the material, and because these are guidelines there are many grey areas that are hard to navigate.  

This resources in this guide will help you answer four questions:

  1. Is the material I want to use copyrighted material?
  2. Is there an exception in the law that allows my use?
  3. Can I claim fair use?
  4. When and how do I need to get permission from the copyright holder?

** From A Framework for Analyzing Any Copyright Policy

Of course the librarians can help you with all of these questions, so feel free to use this guide but please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance obtaining copyright permission.  

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