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Accessing Articles by Title of Magazine/Newspaper/Journal

Know you want to read an article from the latest issue of Psychology Today? This guide will show you how to find it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I log into the databases?

The two most common reasons for login errors are:

  1. You are not registered for the current semester
  2. You tried to login using your Canvas/SCC Connection ID instead of your student ID.

Only currently registered students, faculty, and staff are allowed to use the databases off campus and you must use your Student ID number (or Faculty/Staff ID number) with "sc" at the end. 

For students it should look like this:  0213685sc

For employees it should look like this:  0123456sc

If you are still having problems, call the Reference Desk and we can verify the number we have for your account. Call 636-922-8620.

How do I find scholarly articles?

When your professor says you need to use scholarly articles, what they mean is that the article has to be written by a scholar. You can find articles written by scholars on the Internet but many times those articles can't be viewed without paying for them.

Luckily the library already pays for access to these types of articles in the library databases! You can access the databases from our home page by clicking on "Search for Articles-Databases." 

All of the library databases contain scholarly articles but a good one to start with is Academic Search Premier because it has a large number of articles on almost any topic. 

For more information on the difference between popular and scholarly sources watch this 3 minute video.  

My instructor told me to use EBSCO, what's that?

EBSCO is a company that produces online databases and we pay for access to many of their different databases. If your instructor said to use EBSCO they probably meant to use Academic Search Premier which is the largest EBSCO database we have. Still confused? Watch this video to find out more about accessing articles through our website