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Faculty Resources and Services

The librarians are here to assist you with your instruction and research needs.

Welcome to the SCC Library!

The SCC Librarians are committed to supporting you and your students by providing access to quality sources, information literacy instruction, and expert research assistance. We are always available to partner with departments across campus to better help students succeed. 

Use this guide to get information on details on how we can help and services available.

Remember, the librarians are here to assist you as well as your students, contact your liaison for help with your research​​ needs.

Department Liaisons

Theresa Flett


Ying Li


Julia Wilbers


Anthropology Agriculture  Art
Business/Economics Biology Child Care/Early Education
Communications Chemistry Education
Computer Science Health Information Management English/Literature
Crimintal Justice Nursing ESL
Engineering Occupational Therapy Foreign Language
History/Geography Physical Education Music
Manufacturing/Logistics  Physics Philosophy/Religion
Mathematics Psychology Reading
Political Science Sociology Theater